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Neon Tundra Gaming Podcast!

What are “video games?” Join Matt and Eric as they cross the Neon Tundra to find the answer. Matt and Eric discuss E3 2015 reverse-chronologically! Cursory analysis includes the Square Enix, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda press conferences. Advertisements

One Way Ticket to Nilbog: Episode 3–Thir13en Ghosts

I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money, but maybe you should have invested in your ROTH IRA instead of a glass mansion that houses ghosts to power the devil’s time machine.

One Way Ticket to Nilbog: Episode 2–Night of the Demons 2

In this week’s adventure, we join a group of sexy teens as they throw a party at the local abandoned funeral parlor on Halloween. Of course, they accidentally transport a demon in a tube of lipstick back to their boarding school, and unleash a bunch of hellish shenanigans that can only be stopped by Super-Soakers […]

One Way Ticket to Nilbog: Episode 1–Troll 2

One Way Ticket to Nilbog is the podcast brain child of three (sometimes four?) horror movie enthusiasts, Carrie Ann Schumacher, Matt Chwedyk, and Renee Kuharchuk. We watch, critique, and analyze terrible horror movies for your listening pleasure with funny and sexy results. Our first episode covers our namesake. Troll 2 is the story of a young boy guided […]