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On the Disk Spins: Mortal Kombat X [Part 1]

Check out my first Youtube video! It’s been a long time coming, but I finally found a way to mix videogames and storytelling together into something people might want to watch. First up is NetherRealm’s acclaimed fighter–Mortal Kombat X.


In addition to being thoroughly documented in the MIR database, registered members of MIR’s isolation program are required to be tagged with the latest in tracking technology. This tracking chip is implanted under the skin behind the neck. The chip is designed to be imperceptible to the naked eye to maintain registrant confidentiality. The chip […]

The Full Moon Approaches.

Story Wise

Your life is filled with stories: you woke up late, you found a dollar, you killed a man–which one would you like to hear first? I think I know the answer already, but please take your time to weigh the options. Don’t feel bad because you picked man murder. It’s human nature to be fascinated […]