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OWTN: Episode 20 – Wishmaster

The Nilbog Crew welcomes Keith Daidone to the podcast, along with evil genies and over-sized baseball caps. We make several wishes during our review of Wes Craven’s Wishmaster. Will any come true? The presence of snakemen means yes!

One Way Ticket to Nilbog Has Reached 10 Episodes!

They laughed at us when we said we didn’t know what an RSS feed was–well guess who’s laughing now! Dedicated to discussing the horror movies time (and audiences) forgot, Nilbog continues to gain momentum in 2015. Click the link below to give it a listen: Our 10th episode is bittersweet. Recorded three months before the […]

Neon Tundra: Episode 2 – Jamestown+ and Skull Girls

Dust off a few hidden gems embedded in the electric permafrost! Jamestown+ and Skull Girls: Second Encore get their time to shine. Speaking of which–Neon Tundra is now available on iTunes. If you like what you hear, please rate and subscribe today!

One Way Ticket to Nilbog: Episode 7 – Waxwork

  Please let all the sexy forty-year-old teens you know that Episode 7 is up, it’s about Waxwork, and you can find it on iTunes!!!  

Neon Tundra: Episode 1 – Splatoon and The Witcher 3

The neon snow has provided enough energy to power both a Wii U and a PS4! Matt and Eric will let the sled dogs rest while they discuss squids/kids and golem foundations.

One Way Ticket to Nilbog: Episode 6 – House of Wax

I spoke to my contractor, and no, building your house entirely out of wax in the deep south is not a good idea. Episode 6 of Nilbog is Live!

One Way Ticket to Nilbog: Episodes 4 & 5 –Jeepers Creepers 2 & Ghoulies!

In case you missed these, here’s over two hours of Nilbog Crew analysis of some very bad films.

Neon Tundra Gaming Podcast!

What areĀ “video games?” Join Matt and Eric as they cross the Neon Tundra to find the answer. Matt and Eric discuss E3 2015 reverse-chronologically! Cursory analysis includes the Square Enix, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda press conferences.

One Way Ticket to Nilbog: Episode 3–Thir13en Ghosts

I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money, but maybe you should have invested in your ROTH IRA instead of a glass mansion that houses ghosts to power the devil’s time machine.

One Way Ticket to Nilbog: Episode 2–Night of the Demons 2

In this week’s adventure, we join a group of sexy teens as they throw a party at the local abandoned funeral parlor on Halloween. Of course, they accidentally transport a demon in a tube of lipstick back to their boarding school, and unleash a bunch of hellish shenanigans that can only be stopped by Super-Soakers […]