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Neon Tundra: Episode 2 – Jamestown+ and Skull Girls

Dust off a few hidden gems embedded in the electric permafrost! Jamestown+ and Skull Girls: Second Encore get their time to shine. Speaking of which–Neon Tundra is now available on iTunes. If you like what you hear, please rate and subscribe today!

Neon Tundra: Episode 1 – Splatoon and The Witcher 3

The neon snow has provided enough energy to power both a Wii U and a PS4! Matt and Eric will let the sled dogs rest while they discuss squids/kids and golem foundations.

Neon Tundra Gaming Podcast!

What areĀ “video games?” Join Matt and Eric as they cross the Neon Tundra to find the answer. Matt and Eric discuss E3 2015 reverse-chronologically! Cursory analysis includes the Square Enix, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda press conferences.

On the Disk Spins: Mortal Kombat X [Finale]

In the final episode of ODS MKX, Cassie Cage wins her mother’s approval by beating the hell out of Diablo. And Raiden has something he wants to get off his chest.

On the Disk Spins: Mortal Kombat X [Part 6]

In part six we learn thatĀ Raiden forgot to plug himself in last night, and Jacqui is easy on Takeda’s eyes.

On the Disk Spins: Mortal Kombat X [Part 5]

Jaxson Briggs takes a break from essential tractor maintenance to help save Earthrealm, while Scorpion dooms us all.

On the Disk Spins: Mortal Kombat X [Part 4]

“I’m Takeda Banana and I’ve come to say — D’Vorah kills her victims in a gruesome way!”