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Neon Tundra: Episode 2 – Jamestown+ and Skull Girls

Dust off a few hidden gems embedded in the electric permafrost! Jamestown+ and Skull Girls: Second Encore get their time to shine. Speaking of which–Neon Tundra is now available on iTunes. If you like what you hear, please rate and subscribe today! http://neontundra.podomatic.com/entry/2015-08-06T18_42_07-07_00

On the Disk Spins: Mortal Kombat X [Part 4]

“I’m Takeda Banana and I’ve come to say — D’Vorah kills her victims in a gruesome way!”

On the Disk Spins: Mortal Kombat X [Part 3]

This week we watch Kung Jin shoot a child with an arrow, and Sonya Blade stomps and strangles for America. Happy Mother’s Day!

On the Disk Spins: Mortal Kombat X [Part 1]

Check out my first Youtube video! It’s been a long time coming, but I finally found a way to mix videogames and storytelling together into something people might want to watch. First up is NetherRealm’s acclaimed fighter–Mortal Kombat X.

How To Survive a Hardware Launch

Now that the big three game companies have revealed their visions for the future, it’s time to make future plans of your own.  You weren’t planning on buying EVERY new console in one sweeping credit card swipe, right? It’s easy to get excited about new hardware. Hell, even an Ouya pre-order was tantalizing a few […]

REVIEW: The Last of Us

There’s a longstanding joke that videogame heroes are mass murderers, laying waste to hundreds of enemies in a matter of hours. The Last of Us, from developer Naughty Dog, provides a context for its serial homicide. As lead characters Joel and Ellie become proficient murderers, killing becomes as natural and as necessary as breathing, but […]

A Snake and an Ocelet Walk into the Desert…

  Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain continued Konami’s E3 tradition of bizarre trailers that straddle the line between brilliance and absurdity. The Microsoft press conference opened with Snake hanging off the side of a horse and it closed with him firing an AK47 into a prison cell full of children. We were also […]


It appears that Sony aims to dip their chocolate hardware reveal into my peanut butter preview preview. The February 20th meeting will introduce the next Playstation to the world with little time to spare. Like Nintendo, Sony has endured a series of hard knocks. The Vita market continues to reel in the face of smartphones […]