One Way Ticket to Nilbog Has Reached 10 Episodes!

They laughed at us when we said we didn’t know what an RSS feed was–well guess who’s laughing now!

Dedicated to discussing the horror movies time (and audiences) forgot, Nilbog continues to gain momentum in 2015. Click the link below to give it a listen:


Our 10th episode is bittersweet. Recorded three months before the passing of legendary director Wes Craven, episode ten features the movie Cursed–a werewolf romp that no one could save. Although we regularly highlight schlock for entertainment value, we also revere the classics. Wes Craven was a pioneer of the genre, crafting exceptional films that challenged as well as terrified. We’ll never forget the impact of movies like The Last House on the Left, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes, and Scream.

Rest easy, Mr. Craven, and thank you.

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