Greetings friends! It’s been some time since I posted the epilogue to Dog Days. After three years straight of writing, it was time for a vacation/hiatus. In that time, I learned that finishing this story was going to take much longer than anticipated. Balancing a full-time job and big boy responsibilities can be draining, but […]

Epilogue   Char rocketed through the air, grazing past mountain peaks and launching into space. It’s only a dream, thought Char, until she opened her eyes. The depths of space smelled like wet polyester. She pulled the blanket from her face to discover the progenitor of her unconscious flight—a narrow sled grinding across ice with […]

This is the last part, Miranda. I won’t get through it if Tim is in the room. <Have you decided on your wishes?> Yeah, I still want to be cremated. It feels morbid, but I finally picked out which urn I like. I think you’ll like it too. It has these lovely etchings all over […]

“When the bravest have all fallen And courage starts to fold, I’ll keep my silver near my heart; And you may keep your gold.   When your windows have all shattered And doors no longer hold, I’ll keep my silver near my heart; And you may keep your gold.” Michael Chwedyk, “Heart of Silver”   […]

The Nilbog Crew welcomes Keith Daidone to the podcast, along with evil genies and over-sized baseball caps. We make several wishes during our review of Wes Craven’s Wishmaster. Will any come true? The presence of snakemen means yes!

“My brother is becoming more unhinged. The drinking is getting worse. I need to monitor him more, and things aren’t slowing down at work. I’ve given this a lot of thought; I’d like to stop our sessions.” “Okay, Luke. That’s fine.” “That’s all you have to say?” “This is a big decision for you. I […]

Dan awakened on his parents’ couch. It was before dawn when he rolled on his side. Dan’s eyes had not adjusted to the dark, but he recognized the shape of his father sitting in his recliner. He held a glass in one hand and dangled his revolver in the other. “She told you, didn’t she?” […]