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I Don’t Like This One Bit: Microsoft’s Gaming Future In Jeopardy

Microsoft officially announced its latest console for the next generation. Never has so little been said by so many at the Microsoft Campus in Seattle. At a brisk 60 minutes, the announcement of the Xbox One came peppered with superlatives and “game-changing” features that had nothing to do with playing games. Let me be clear, […]


Last and quite possibly least in my 2013 E3 Preview Preview is Microsoft. The once proud software juggernaut has been reduced to a turd-juggling monkey.  Although the Windows Phone, Surface, and Windows 8 OS may have made Microsoft the most talented primate in the zoo, they have done nothing to capture the imagination of consumers. […]

Top 5 VideoGames of 2012

2012 has a been a year of unexpected obstacles and a re-evaluation of my life’s priorities. Things did not go as I planned, (much like every year) but I was led to new avenues and new friends that I am truly grateful for. It’s been a year of transition with my move to a new […]