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What Teeth They Had: Book 2 Chapter 9

Dan returned to the pale hills of wind and ash. The gray sun beckoned over the horizon in a chord of despair. The void lapped the blood from his fingers. Somehow, Dan knew the blood was not his own. He looked about the air for sounds of life only to find that the wolves had […]

What Teeth They Had: Book 2 Chapter 3

The droning of the void returned muffled and dying as Dan hunted for its source. He raced down the cold corridors of a dizzying, dark hive. Red lights trailed overhead with each snapping turn. Dan feared his heart would give out as his momentum blurred his vision. Walls ceased to stop him now, and water […]

The Return of Matt and His Wolves 10/22/16

Greetings friends! It’s been some time since I posted the epilogue to Dog Days. After three years straight of writing, it was time for a vacation/hiatus. In that time, I learned that finishing this story was going to take much longer than anticipated. Balancing a full-time job and big boy responsibilities can be draining, but […]


This is the last part, Miranda. I won’t get through it if Tim is in the room. <Have you decided on your wishes?> Yeah, I still want to be cremated. It feels morbid, but I finally picked out which urn I like. I think you’ll like it too. It has these lovely etchings all over […]


Dan awakened on his parents’ couch. It was before dawn when he rolled on his side. Dan’s eyes had not adjusted to the dark, but he recognized the shape of his father sitting in his recliner. He held a glass in one hand and dangled his revolver in the other. “She told you, didn’t she?” […]


                The Abyss had no need for Dan, tossing him down to the bright light below. The earth opened and swallowed his remains. He reemerged in a desert of crushed bone, letting the brilliant white specks sift through his fingers. The sun had begun to set when he found the strength to stand. In the […]


The sanctity of our homeland is without question. It is the greatest gift we pass on to future generations. This gift is to be granted in a state as pure as when received. Our homeland is cleansed in the blood of the ungodly wolf; that every blade of grass may grow to the sky. Rule […]


“Do you feel like an adult?”                 “Can you elaborate?”                 “I’m twenty-nine and still working at the store I started with in high school.”                 “And you feel stunted?”                 “To a point—when you became a psychiatrist, did you feel like you reached adulthood?”                              “I felt a sense of accomplishment, but I don’t […]


Although MIR is committed to the well-being and care of all infected individuals, some groups should be treated as hostile regardless of the lunar phase.   Extremist wolf groups, i.e. dens, should be approached with the utmost caution. Dens favor a philosophy in opposition of MIR’s mission of protection and order. Any actions taken by […]


          His crippled body rose into the sky with the others. Dan gazed upon them and realized that he had been the only wolf to survive. Soon all he could see was death. Thousands of wolves were manipulated by some force lurking inside the abyss. One by one they were skinned, […]