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Please stop screenin’ and pick up… he wasn’t there, but it looks like he headed closer to the lake. With any luck, the trail won’t get cold by the time we arrive.  I got Tim and Kalvin Lucero with me—strength in numbers, I guess. Looks like they’re all in on this one. They seem genuinely […]


                 Let it be known that the role of Commander cannot be attained by lesser men. The position is held by the strong, of both body and mind, that they may enforce the doctrine in the gravest of circumstances. The Commander is the ox that threshes the grain. It is the responsibility of all branded […]


In keeping with MIR’s mission to public safety and maintaining a humane quality of life for infected persons, each officer will be assigned a monthly quota of bounties. These bounties include registrants who have failed to complete their lunar check-in date or respond to isolation summons. Quotas are set at five per month. Any bounties […]


The void grew belligerent with each creature consumed. Dan searched for a tree to grab onto, but the hills were left bare by the insatiable abyss. He dug frantically until he discovered hidden roots beneath the pale wasteland. When he grabbed hold they clamped down on his hands like bear traps and the pain shot […]


                 Those with the mark will adhere to the rules set forth until only the wolves created by God remain. That the branded will obey the one deemed Commander until such a time is reached. These rules are law among those signed members therein and will be subject to punishment deemed necessary by the […]


  The wolves hovered in the air like derelict satellites caught in the pull of an unknown planet.  They were anchored to trees by ropes, leashes, and chains. Many were tangled together across the great sprawl of pale hills, forming chimerical pillars of teeth and fur. The creatures unlucky enough to be free thrashed and […]


“Please pick up… Made it to Maywood and found your nephews. He wasn’t there. I searched all over, but like they said over the phone they won’t protect him now. If I were Danny I wouldn’t go lookin’ for help from them anyhow, but it was worth a shot.  They’re just afraid. I was afraid […]

Welcome to Kingmaker

Three years ago I jettisoned one retail job during the recession only to find work at another doomed sales position. The new store I was working at was on the verge of closing and I began thinking of careers that were a tad more future-proof. For a week, I considered joining the military. Then I […]